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1、 创意和策划各类公关传播活动,形成可执行的系统的活动方案,确保方案达到预期效果;

2、 组织头脑风暴,创意概念输出,保证方案的完整统一,并对方案质量负责;

3、 和客户进行沟通,从活动顾问的角度提出建设性意见,通过自身专业性获得客户信任;

4、 能制作精美PPT,具有优秀的沟通能力,能参与或主导客户提案;

5、 与第三方供应商进行工作事项的协调和沟通;


1、 市场营销、广告、传播或相关专业专科以上学历;

2、 三年以上专业活动、广告或公关公司客户服务经验和活动执行经验,有高端会所、星级酒店、房地产活动公关策划经验者优先;

3、 良好的团队合作精神,具备良好的沟通和事物处理能力,思维清晰,能承担一定的工作压力和工作出差;

4、 优秀的沟通能力和较强的提案能力;

5、 较好的项目策划、管理和执行经验;

Job responsibilities:

1, creative and planning all kinds of public relations communication activities, the formation of the system's activities to implement the program, to ensure that the program to achieve the desired results;

2, the organization of brainstorming, creative concept of the output, to ensure the integrity of the program, and the quality of the program is responsible for;

3, and customers to communicate, from the point of view of the construction of an active consultant, through their own professional access to customer trust;

4, can produce exquisite PPT, with excellent communication skills, can participate in or lead the customer proposal;

5, work with third party suppliers to coordinate and communicate;

Job requirements:

1, marketing, advertising, communication or related professional college degree or above;

Three, more than 2 years of professional activities, advertising or Public relations company customer service experience and activities of the executive experience, high-end clubs, Stars Hotel, real estate activities and public relations planning experience is preferred;

3, good team work spirit, have good communication and deal with things, thinking clear, can bear certain work pressure and work on a business trip;

4, excellent communication skills and strong ability to proposal;

5, good project planning, management and implementation experience;













Job responsibilities:

1 make Western-style food buffet, buffet with production, the production of hot, high-end Western-style meal production experience, to ensure product quality.

2 do a good job of cost control, according to the customer feedback, improve the existing dishes, regular development of new dishes.

3, do the daily maintenance of equipment and health food restaurant.

4, timely completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Post qualification:

1, love the chef industry. Have a sense of responsibility, the dishes for excellence.

2, 3 years above restaurant working experience with western hotel working experience; western buffet and buffet banquet catering work experience is preferred).

3, with good team spirit, able to work in a timely manner to help colleagues.

4, honest steady, have the ambition, can bear hardships, in the eye has the work.

We do not look at the qualifications and age, only to see the work attitude and ability to achieve what the ability to give the appropriate treatment.